Carun is a specialist organic hemp producer. We create a wide range of Hemp skincare, wellbeing and food supplements from the finest raw materials and use the most advanced extraction and refinement techniques. Our products are manufactured in the most stringent controlled conditions according to European Standards.

We are in control of our process from the field to the shelf. The quality of Carun Hemp products is assured by the organic natural hemp farmed for us in the Czech Republic where Carun is the No.1 branded hemp goods range and leader in the alternative health and wellbeing market.

Carun hemp based products are unique as we offer medical grade products with very special qualities. We produce hemp extract with exceptionally high levels of cannabinoids but no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This means there are high levels of beneficial and exceptionally pure cannabinoids but no psychoactive THC, so all our products are totally legal, completely safe and suitable for both adults and children.

Our products are also natural and not tested on animals. We do not use animal ingredients in them, so they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They are also very low in allergens and there have been no recorded allergic reactions to any Carun Hemp product.

We have thousands of regular clients all over Europe and our team is continuously searching for new ways to extend our range, offering real pharmacological benefits. Personal results and an increasing amount of clinical trials show that hemp successfully treats many conditions and is highly beneficial as part of an everyday health regime.