Active hemp in the News


Natural Beauty News likes Carun

Editor Jane Wolf talks about the Carun extended skincare range

Cannabis found to shrink aggressive brain tumour

New research reveals Cannabis found to shrink aggressive brain tumour

Cannabinoid rich skin creams

Active Hemp really does help your skin

Active Hemp and your skin

The surprising benefits of using Active Hemp rich skin Cream

The British Journal of Pharmacology

Studying the physiological effects of cannbinoids

Parkinson’s patient tries cannabis oil and the results are unbelievable

A clip released from the documentary Ride With Larry shows Parkinson’s patient Larry Smith trying cannabis oil for the first time.

Inside UK's first ever Hemp care store - but will it get you high?

Carun UK is opening tomorrow in Twickenham, south London, and is promising a range of hemp treatments. The UK's first ever hemp pharmacy is set to open its doors to the public tomorrow but anyone expecting to get high is in for a disappointment.

Is hemp the secret to acne-free skin? Extra ingredient that promises to soothe skin conditions

Women are constantly on the quest for new lotions and potions that promise to hold the key to flawless skin, but would you ever consider using hemp to cure your acne or beat dry skin? New ranges of skincare containing the ingredient are cropping up and promise to be a ‘curing elixir’ to aid a whole number of skin conditions. Hemp is the main ingredient in the skincare products.
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