Naturally effective CBD

We create a wide range of Hemp skincare, wellbeing and food supplements from the finest raw materials and use the most advanced extraction and refinement techniques. Our products are manufactured in the most stringent controlled conditions according to European Standards.

Quality of Carun CBD products

We are in control of our process from the field to the shelf. The quality of Carun Hemp products is assured by the organic natural hemp farmed for us in the Czech Republic where Carun is the No.1 branded hemp goods range and leader in the alternative health and wellbeing market.

Carun CBD products

Carun hemp based products are unique as we offer high grade products from sub-strains of Active Hemp with very special qualities. We produce hemp extract with exceptionally high levels of active compounds.


Grown in a designated protected landscape area in the Czech Republic Active Hemp Skincare Active Hemp Supplements


Hemp plant extracts, purified in EU accredited laboratories. Active Hemp Skincare Active Hemp Supplements


Cannabinoids support the human neurological system, stimulating the prevention of illness and healing. Active Hemp Skincare Active Hemp Supplements
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